24-Set Evolution Rechargeable Tea Light Candle System (SC1590R-24)


  • Full Complete System
  • Same Size as a Real 8HR Tea Light
  • 6-10 Hour Charge Time
  • 14 Hour Run Time
  • Remote Control Enabled
  • Waterproof – Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Flicker or Static Mode
  • Induction Charging
  • Anti-Theft Design
  • Full Description Below
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24-Set Evolution Rechargeable Tea Light Candle System – SC1590R-24

Set Includes:

  • 24 x Smart Candle Remote Enabled Rechargeable Tea Light Candles – Model SC1122R
  • 2 x Charging Trays – Model SC2536
  • 1 x 12v 3.5Ah Multi-Tray Charger – Model SC2521

Key Features:

  • The smallest rechargeable Candle in the world. The same size as a regular 8Hr Tea Light.
  • Candles will fit the majority of existing Tea Light Candle Holders (Dimensions Below)
  • Completely sealed making it waterproof – suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • 6-10 hours charge time
  • 14 hour run time
  • Remote Control Enabled (Sold Separately)
  • Life Like Flicker or Static Mode
  • Candle Light or Warm White LED Colour Available
  • Multi-Tray Charging – Meaning only 1 plug socket has to be used
  • Minimum 500 Charge cycles
  • Induction “Wireless charging” No charging pins on the tray
  • Anti-Theft design as candles are useless without a charging tray
  • Easy to load and unload the candles
  • LED Charge indicators built in to the candles “Red” Charging and “Green Charged”

Candle Dimensions:

Diameter: 35.8MM

Height Excluding Flame: 23.3mm

Height Including Flame: 44.2mm

Charging Tray Dimensions:

Length: 305mm / 12”

Height: 25mm / 1”

Width: 124.8mm / 4.914”

Charging Plug Length: 13ft”

UK , EU and UL (USA) Charging plugs Available and Shipped Depending on Country