Smart Candle’s rechargeable candle range is comprehensive, over 90,000 establishments across the world are operating a rechargeable system of some variant. The varying systems can help anyone in the commercial sector, become safer and importantly increase their bottom line.

Sleek in design, forward thinking design combined with our exacting high quality standards, restaurants, hotels, bars, casinos, clubs etc can provide an ambient atmosphere without seeing profits go up in smoke. A wide range of candle holders for rechargeable candles are offered by Smart Candle with some exclusive designs available.

Rechargeable Small Sets

Value Rechargeable 12-Sets

Platinum Generation 1

Platinum Gen 3 Rechargeable Systems

Evolution Regular Rechargeable Systems

Rechargeable Wax Pillar Candles

Luminara Rechargeable Candles

Evolution Tea Light Rechargeable Systems

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