Instructions On Replacing Your Batteries

Please note that this may vary depending on the candle you have. However the majority of candles all operate on a similar button principal. 

Make sure batteries are installed the correct way as shown on the product! The candle will not work if this is not done correctly.

No screws need to be removed in this process!


Step 1: Identify the base of the candle and the battery door


Step 2: Look for the little “Button” – illustrated in the picture with the Pen


Step 3: With a pen or another implement, press this button in and slide the battery door “down” firmly to release the battery door.


Step 4: Once released remove the battery door.


Step 5: Identify which way the batteries need to be inserted. This is indicated on the inside of the battery compartment.


Step 6: Insert batteries into the compartment observing the correct polarity as instructed. Failure to do so will result in the candle failing to work.

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