Safety Warning



Safety Warning   Do not charge rechargeable systems in bathrooms or near water
Safety Warning   Use only as described in instructions – please retain for reference
Safety Warning   Always inspect the appliance before use for any signs of damage
Safety Warning   Do not use if the appliance or lead is damaged.  In the event of damage discontinue use and Contact Us
Safety Warning   Do not attempt to repair the appliance if damaged
Safety Warning   Do not place the appliance on any surface sensitive to heat whilst in operation
Safety Warning   Smart Candle Rechargeable systems are designed to be left unattended whilst the candles are being charged. After the charge has complete we recommend that the power should be switched off to the charging system
Safety Warning   After use always switch appliance off before unplugging & allow to cool before storing away
Safety Warning   After use – do not coil the lead around the appliance, coil loosely at its side
Safety Warning   Only use genuine Smart Candle replacement parts. If replacements are requires, please contact Smart Candle

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